whats it all about?

Do you have experience riding trial centres? Do you want to take your riding more off piste? Well this is the one day course for you! The day begins with a focused look at the skills needed to tackle a mountain pass/trail. We will use the area of Storrs common, an old quarry near Ingleton to hone our body position, control on steep ground, drop off and safe jump techniques. We then take these skills up Inglebourgh mountain, (723m) one of the Yorkshire three peaks and utilise them in a mountain trail situation. Expect fast, loose exhilarating trails guaranteed to deliver that dose of adrenaline we so crave as mountain bikers. 


Inglebourgh is a mountain trail, not specifically designed for mountain bikes therefore you have to expect the unexpected. Loose rock, Inclement weather and sheep in the trail is all part and parcel of typical mountain pass/trail ride.  We recommend you have experience of riding trail centre up to the standard of grading 'red' before signing up for this course. Inglebourgh also stands at 723m high and involves sections where the bikes will need to be carried to ascend it, therefore a good fitness level is recommended for a comfortable day. 

what do I need to bring?

You will need a well maintained mountain bike (full suspension recommended), Clothing and tools to be self sufficient as a rider. After ascending 723m to the summit of Inglebourgh the first corner is not a nice place to get a puncture with no way of fixing it. Come prepared with spare tubes, quick links and other bike specific spares and tools you think you may need. As its a mountainous environment the weather can also changeable and different to when you leave the carpark at the bottom therefore come with suitable clothing for the day ahead.